"Opening doors one step at a time."


StepNpull Door Sticker

Why spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to upgrade your restrooms with touchless or touch free fixtures if the users still have to touch a potentially dirty door handle when exiting? StepNpull foot operated door openers are the low cost, effective way to give your employees and customers a touchless, germ-free option when exiting the public restroom. Simply step and pull the door open with your foot, it’s that easy!

Did you know?

StepNpull is ADA Compliant


A recent survey interviewed 1,000 adults across the country and found the following:

71% claimed to wash their hands on a regular basis
58% have witnessed others leave a public restroom without hand washing
35% have witnessed a co-worker leave the restroom without hand washing
20% have witnessed a restaurant worker leave the restroom without hand washing

There is great sense of relief StepNpull has given to a lot of us knowing we do not have to touch the door handle following after others who did not wash their hands when leaving the restroom... Paul Miller, General Manager/Branson Tourism Center

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