StepNpull was invented by 3 men in Springfield, Missouri

Why spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to upgrade your restrooms with touchless fixtures if the users still have to touch a potentially dirty door handle when exiting? StepNpull ® foot operated door openers are the low cost, effective way to give your employees and customers a touchless, germ free option when exiting the public restroom.

Have you noticed an increasing concern regarding the public spread of germs over the last few years? Have you noticed how common place it is now to see someone use a paper towel when grabbing the door handle to exit the public restroom? Maybe you are one of those in that group that is, if not already, becoming the majority rather than the minority? Since the arrival of the H1N1 flu virus, reducing the spread of germs by contact has been the focus of many a discussion. It is widely accepted that hand washing is one of the best ways to protect yourself and others from germs, bacteria and cross contamination. In 2007, Ron Ely, Kelly Coddington and Mike Sewell not only took notice, they decided to find a cost effective way around the paper towel dilemma.

All three noticed an elevated concern among the general population about coming in contact with public restroom door handles. It is very common place to see men and women pull the door open using a paper towel when exiting the restroom. Most germ free solutions for this issue involve automation which can cost a thousand dollars or more. Another option is a complete redesign of the restroom facility, specifically the entrance, even more costly. There had to be a better way..

Since doors were created, by design they have been opened and shut by the user's hand. After all, it makes perfect sense and is the logical way to operate a door. So how could the way a user opens a door be changed? After all, if we have to open the door with our hand, what options are available? How about using the foot to open the door? They found a few other products on the market that mounted on the door and let the user pull the door open with their foot. Those devices required the user to place the toe of their shoe upward and into the device and then pull back. Although this method works, it did not seem to be an easy or natural movement.

After several months of discussion and many prototypes, they came up the current StepNpull design. Ron came up with the name, StepNpull. Kelly provided a majority of the input on the basic design and concept on how it would work best. StepNpull was first installed in a call center with approximately 150 people. From the second they were installed, the positive response was overwhelming! Ron, Kelly and Mike worked with two manufacturers until finally partnering up with Custom Metalcraft in Springfield MO.

To date, StepNpulls have been sold to many satisfied customers in most of the 50 US states as well as in Canada. You may read the customer comments on the home page.

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